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February 22, 2017
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July 15, 2017
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These beautiful hearts, made with colored fabrics, patterned fabrics, plain fabrics, flower fabrics, felt cloth … as you prefer, they can be used to decorate a center, to hang them on a branch placed in a vase, to hang the doors of the cabinets, to make a hanging mobile for a baby, for gift decorations, to make fragrances for the drawers … and of course to make ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Also, you can make them in a thousand different sizes, even imagine a cushion heart … I love the idea.
If you are more classical, combining fabrics in tan colors, you can find in our online fabric store. And if you like more modern decoration, mixing a thousand colored fabrics.

A smooth fabric, which could be felt for example.
A printed fabric.
Filled with miraguano.
Scissors with zig zag cut (which you can find by clicking here).
And really want to do nice things !!!

1. We make a heart of felt for example, and the size that we want depending on the utility that we are going to give it. With the zig zag scissors we cut the entire outer edge of the heart. Inside it, we cut another smaller heart, which will serve as a window for the printed fabric to be seen.

2. We put the stamped piece on the inside and sew it. If we do some kind of drawing, we will be more cute.

3. We have finished the front piece. The rear piece we can do the same, if it is going to be seen, or otherwise we can make it whole one piece.

4. Then we join the two pieces, fill with miraguano, finish off, and decorate with a button, a ribbon to hang it, some ties … to your liking.

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