Make your heart for Valentine’s Day

How to make an easy paper heart step by step
November 22, 2017
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Regardless of which feast you will celebrate on February 14th, we offer you to create your own heart for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day and raise a noisy dinner with the old-fashioned Saint Trifon.

The project we offer is extremely easy to fabricate, and at the same time will bring a lot of romance and style to your home. It’s a project by Laura Valentine Gummerman who loves this holiday.

As you know, the Catholic Church on this day celebrates Valentine’s Day, which in the last 15-20 years began to be celebrated in Bulgaria by thousands of Bulgarian couples as a symbol of eternal love.

For the heart, you need:

– Artificial flowers
– Styrofoam piece
– A toothed bread knife or an electric knife
– Hooks for hanging
– Fishing line and small hooks for bait
– Pieces of fine wood
– Gold paper

Draw a right heart shape on the piece of styrofoam. If you are worried that your hand will shake, then you must use a pre-made pattern to impose on the piece. Use the knife to cut the heart shape.

If the piece of styrofoam is too thin, you can cut a few sheets and attach them with hot glue to achieve the thickness and resistance of the heart.

Remove the handles of the artificial flowers and, with the help of the glue, attach them to the heart, so you can choose the nuances you want to achieve yourself.

Using the sticks, make an arrow and put it on the glossy paper.
At the top of the heart, stick a firm hook. Then tie the fishing line to the hook so it is not noticeable when you hang it on the window.

Stick on both sides symmetrically and your glossy dart made as if your heart has pierced.

Put the ready heart in place, arrange the table and pick up a noisy cheer for love and wine.

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